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Novelty Cakes

When it comes to novelty birthday cakes, we have nearly made them all.  From handbags to tanks, from football jerseys to giant unicorns, from giant guitars to giant cupcakes.  You create it, we cake it.

Novelty Cakes

"You have probably never been asked for this cake before !"

Well actually, we probably have!  At the bakery we are seldom suprised by the cakes our customers ask for.  That's what bespoke is all about, and makes our job so interesting.  We have been asked for everything from anatomical hearts, to designer handbags, stilletto shoes, to giant teddy bears.  

Our most popular flavours are, rich chocolate biscuit cake, vanilla sponge with raspberry preserve, lemon sponge with luscious lemon curd, red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream.


All our cakes are available gluten free.

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